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Escorts or Cam Girls which are safer?

Escorts or Cam Girls which are safer?

If you are looking to enter into adult profession, there are two possibilities either you can work as an escort for an agency or work as Cam Girl. Now, we will discuss pros and Cons of both professions to help you figure out which one is suited to your nature.



  • Regular Pay: You will be regularly paid for your act plus tips involved from clients. Rest assured you will have stable financial income
  • Enough Admirers: You will have enough admirers. Sometimes you would feel like a celebrity. In fact, being an escort is a great way to increase your social network.
  • Chance to Travel: You would get a chance to travel, go for romantic dinner date; even attend high society parties.


  • Tolerate Nonsense: You have to tolerate every sort of nonsense. Some may comment on your looks, some may try to get too close even worse, some may follow you. As an escort, you need to deal with all sorts of people and that too with politeness.
  • Casual Sex:  As an escort, sleeping with men is a part of profession. Sleeping with multiple partners can increase probability of STD. Hence, you need to use protection not only for yourself but your client too. And, that is not easy. Sometimes client refuses to wear condoms that lead to cancelling a deal at last moment.

Cam Girl


  • Safety:  Best reason to work as Cam girl is safety. You don’t need to hang out with strangers, no sex; just reveal your body on cam. You can do this from your home and get paid handsomely.
  • No chances of getting disease: Since, Cam Sex doesn’t involve meeting men; henceforth, there is no chance of having a disease.
  • Great Pay: Like Escorts, you too are paid handsomely provided you engage your client for longer duration. Longer he would stay, more money will follow in your bank account.


  • You need to be smart: Since, this profession doesn’t involve sex in real life, hence you have to engage your client in some way such as flirtatious talk, acting as a friend, something like that. Basic point is that you should have great conversation skills apart from good looks to get visitors.
  • There is enough competition: Web Cam Safe features attract all sorts of women into this. You have to compete with college students, housewives, sometimes corporate girls too. Unlike Escorts, there is no regular paycheck; you are on your own. It is just like running a business.
Cam girl likes her pussy fucked from the back

Cam girl likes her pussy fucked from the back

Pretty teen cam girl always asks to be fucked from the back.

When she was a girl, Dee always knew she wants to be an entertainer. There’s nothing better than getting to be yourself, and make other people happy in the process. Maybe that’s why she loves showing off on cam so much. Making other people happy is the root of her own happiness, and she loves to run cam shows to make all kinds of horny guys around the world as happy as can be. She’s not a shy girl. She knows she’s hot and that she’s kind of a Disney princess herself. But this is the kind of Princess that always demands “fuck my pussy from the back”. This naughty Princess can only cum when her ass is in the air. That’s exactly what she was doing when I first dropped in to her Live Porn Room, her ass was so high, wet and wide you could of parked a Ducati in there. What you see above is what I saw last night, only her silky draws was pulled down to her knees and she had an Ohmibod sex toy lost in her ass while her fingers was frantically rubbing and stabbing her wet pussy. She violently fingered herself until she reached her orgasm and squirted all over the sheets.

This cam girl likes her pussy fucked from the back.

She can only cum when she’s fucked or fingered from behind.

Just because she calls herself a Princess that doesn’t mean she’s stuck up, and that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a lot to give her viewers. She’s so determined to entertain everyone that she runs all kinds of cam shows. You like strip teases? She’s got you. You prefer a little toy play? You got it. She’s not going to back down from requests, and she especially loves it when regulars come back to her chat over and over again to get a little closer to her. Once she really knows what you like she’s going to be able to make you cum in a matter or minutes. Or draw it way out, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. She loves to role play in her cam shows and prefers a dom male to fuck her from behind. Have a few good characters you like to act out? She’d love to be your scene partner. Who knows where your sexy fantasy will take the party. She wants to elevate you to a whole new level of cam show, one where you call all the shots, and she’s just there to do your bidding. She’s like your own sexy TV starlet. What do you want to see this princess do next? Let your dirty mind wander over to her cam show and find out tonight.

Cam girl fingers her hot ass live on webcam

Cam girl fingers her hot ass live on webcam

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Here’s a selfie she took in the bathroom at work of her fine ass that she fingered for me on web cam last night.

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Welsh Milf Donna pulls her panties down and gives her pussy a fingering.

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Asian cutie fucks UK guy’s

Asian cutie fucks UK guy’s

I find that Asian girls have such cute eye’s somehow they seem to express more than their western counterparts, it may have some thing to do with the constant winking any way they really turn me on, I lone searching through all the hot Asian babes online, somehow it gives me a scene of serenity seeing their beautiful faces and gorgeous sexy bodies in all there naked glory. So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I found animexprincess The moment I laid my eye’s on her my cock started to get hard, I just had to have her, so not wanting to waist any more time I took her into her private room, she got down to business straight away playing with her sexy little ass while finger fucking her sweet Asian pussy was a sight to be seen, I don’t know how she doesn’t do her vagina serious damage how hard she was going at it I must admit that I find Asian sex a special kind-of experience their live sex sessions are 100% real and full on.