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Sexy Porn Star Gets Nailed In Her Hotel

Sexy Porn Star Gets Nailed In Her Hotel

A few weeks ago I had been on a hot shoot in New York and it had gone really well I had been fucked by a well hung stud who I had never worked with before, I wanted to do a bit of shopping before I came home to London I paid a visit to F&M beauty secrets and then went to my favourite lingerie store for some new panties,

I simply adore shopping for lingerie and love to take my time browsing all the various styles that the store has to offer, when I noticed this guy giving me the eye, I paid no head at first and carried on picking out the panties I wanted to try on. I went over to a changing booth and entered it, the guy had followed my and was hanging around outside,

I had tried on a few pairs of panties when the curtain opened slightly and this guy peered in while I was totally naked. Now normally I would have gone totally crazy with him, but he apologized and slipped away. I could tell he wanted to fuck my porn star pussy, and I must admit that I found him really hot.

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