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I have been learning to drive for a few months now and I look forward to it very much as I cannot wait to pass my test so I can buy my first car, which will make me more independent, My instructor is a lovely guy and I get on with him really good, I always get excited when he pulls up out side my house, and today was no exception,

I got into the car and greeted him good morning as usual, and he did the same, but he seemed to have a twinkle in his eye that I had never seen before, anyway I set off down the road on my lesson as per usual, with him telling where to go and what I needed to do, part of my lesson takes us down a quiet country road with some isolated farm buildings, he suggested that we drive in ans park up for a while so he could test my knowledge, Now we had never done this before but I thought nothing of it and did as he asked.

I parked safely and turned to him waiting for his first question, He looked me deep in my eye’s and confessed to chatting with me on my ebony cam at livejasmin, and do I remember chatting with DriveMeWild. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather, I had no idea, It turns out he has been visiting my xxx cam shows for quite awhile now and never said anything until now, So I asked him why he had never come forward and told me before?

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