Hot Blonde Gets Nailed At A Gig

Hot Blonde Gets Nailed At A Gig

I just love going to clubs and big raves where I get the chance to dance to my favourite bands, a couple of months ago I hear that they would be playing in a venue in my home town, so you can imagine my excitement at the thought of seeing them in the flesh and having a good night out as well. I worked hard since then so that I had enough money to treat my friend and we could both have a good time, The day finally came and I wanted to Finnish my web cam show a little early so I could get ready for the gig that evening, I had already purchased our tickets so all we needed to do was join the queue to get in

And in we went we made our way towards the front where we blended in with the heaving crowed, so there I was with my best friend shacking my booty to some amazing tunes I was wearing the tightest little skirt I owned and my favourite thong, I was enjoying the beat so much bopping up and down to the music when I felt hands grabbing my butt,

I turned around to see who it was, but there where so many bodies around me we where like sardines in a tin so I carried on dancing, my friend was gigging around next to me I could tell she was having the time of her life, Then suddenly it started again but this time the hands moved around in a circular motion slipping their way under my skirt and touching my naked ass,

I still had no idea who it was but with the beat of the bass and the moment of the hands I was getting very horny so I pretended I was unaware of this sexual attention, then the hands began to move slowly around my hips reaching out for my pussy, slipping inside my thong I got a right good fingering in the middle of a heaving crowd and it felt so good, I was in heaven and the fingers where getting my pussy extremely wet,

I needed to take hold of who ever had my in their grip, so I moved my left hand down until I found their left arm and traced it to its owner, I managed to force myself to turn round and face my admirer, I suddenly felt so empty when his fingers could no longer keep hold of their pray. A stocky chap stood there right in front of me, and we where both bouncing up and down to the hot bass, I felt his hands grab my ass once again but this time he smiled at me,

I think he recognized me from one of my hot web cam shows so I assumed he must be a me, Now he was squeezing my little ass profousley and this made my pussy ache for a good fuck, I slipped my hands down to his jeans and in know time I had his dick and balls in my hands, I slipped my thong to one side and helped him guide his throbbing cock into my wet snatch, oh that felt so good and we where glued there in a knee trembler for quite some time it was awesome the only gig I have ever got nailed in public.

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